You can access your The Fitness App account/subscription information in two ways:

In the app - Subscription details

1. Open The Fitness app then tap> Me tab

2. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner

3.  Scroll down and tap on Manage Subscription for information on your current subscription plan only. Subscription billing is based on the payment form selected. 

Website subscriptions where cc payment info was added - Subscription and billing

1. Log into with your registration email and password. 

2. Click on the user icon

3. Select "Account"

4. Select from the available options: Account, Subscription, Billing for further information.

5. Here you will find the credit card info added or a link to the App Store where the subscription billing is managed. 

If you have any further questions contact us at

* The subscription billing is managed through the selected payment form which provides the receipt at the time of purchase and automatic renewal. (Apple, Google Play, PayPal, Samsung Pay)

* For website subscriptions, payment is managed through the website. -