Open the app, tap on Login (not New User)

   *If you want to view the app before purchasing a subscription tap New User.

- *If you purchased a subscription you will also need to create an account to access The Fitness App. Link the App Store purchase with the account tap Restore Purchase when the app asks you to pay.

A) Create a The Fitness App account or enter your registration email address and password.  
Let's get started!  Click on the "Me" here you'll find your daily information.
  •  My Day - and Workouts program based on your goal(s), Tip of the day, Schedule Your Workout, Meals.
  •  My Journey - access your Workout History, Progress pics, Weight tracker, and Badges.

My Journey tab is on the right next to the My Day tab. See the yellow highlight on the screenshot. Click on your workout to get started. :)

Me tab screenshot for you below:

You'll find additional programs by clicking on Workouts on the bottom banner. 

For You - find suggestions based on your goal(s).  No more wondering what program to do next. :)  You'll find recommendations in several categories including Interactive Programs, DVD library, Audio workouts, and more. 

Check out Browse for available programs and categories then the Workout Generator to create your workout focusing on the area, time, and intensity. 
(see the purple and yellow tab highlighted in the below screenshot). 
  • Browse through all the available programs based on their category including 7-minute circuits, Interactive programs, DVD Library, Audio Workouts, First Timer, Walk/Jog/Run, Resistance Training, Weight Training, Yoga, Kickboxing, Kettlebell, Booty Band, Slides, Cardio, Treadmill, Stair mill, Meditations, Prenatal, Postnatal. 
  • Generator - Create your workout-based length, intensity, and body focus.
    See the below screenshot

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